owning a ring of S.RitterNYC’s style is a compliment to the wearer. wearing a S.RitterNYC ring says i’m raw : urban : organic with an independent fashion sense that is bold, timeless, elemental. if you are a ring-wearing wielder with lots of rings for all occasions — some safe, and some dangerous and some high maintenance (possibly like the wearer…)  — then a S.RitterNYC ring might be just for you.

so, how does this work? how do i get me one of those?


start by perusing and witnessing our style of available pieces. if you see something in your size, contact us with any questions, issue payment (payapl via website, or contact us to pay by CC), and the piece will be on it’s way.


you love our style, you don’t see anything in your size.

identify what you like… high profile? low profile? specific color? specific stone? we can make custom work for you if you identify what YOU like.


you love our style. you love the raw materials that make up our pieces. what to do?

contact us with your wildest dreams (please keep them dry) and we’ll see what we can do.

we love to make rings, pendants, and anything with natural beauty that you can wear or just get lost in, all day. we love to wear all this, and we want you to be able to love them too.

let’s make some magic S.RitterNYC love together.