the work

SRitterNYC_worn_nycall S.RitterNYC raw and rocky work is one of a kind. the pieces come from a natural worn-metalresponse to materials discovered in our collective surroundings.

some of the influence is from worn metal on the sidewalks of NYC, natural stones that cross my path, either in the park, a gift from a friend or an odd and delectable mineral culled out of a collection from a geologist or other rock hound enthusiast.

the work takes the simple beauty of an object and ‘objectifies’ it into wearable, droolable adornment.

with that simple concept, there is the result of the work.

and that is why it looks unfamiliar. because you haven’t ‘seen’ that object before. and now it is right in front of you. these pieces now give you the opportunity to see, and wear, the natural objects around you.

keep in mind, when wearing and enjoying these little slices of fabulousness derived from SRitterNYC_hemimorphite_upcloseour collective natural surroundings, that they are ‘inefficiently hand made’ (no machines nor humans nor animals were harmed in the creation of this work) and do require care and attention.

many pieces can handle day-to-day wear, some pieces require ‘special night out’ care, and others are totally high-maintenance. and when i say high-maintenance, it is for a few reasons… one, because of the size, height, and sometimes the strength of the stone; two, because of all of the compliments you will have to field whilst wearing it!

SRitterNYC_purple_fluorite_sterlinga good example of high-maintenance and significant awe would be egyptian royalty.

a fantastic example of everyday wear would be SRitterNYC_bulbous_pyritearistocratically bulbous. not only will they transform the look of your hand, but they might transport you to another time and place, another dimension hidden in your already fab.U.lous personality.

whichever you choose, and whenever you wear, you know YOU will be in the same one-of-a-kind category as the S.RitterNYC adornment you have chosen for your life’s adventure.

look for the ‘SR stamp’ on all work. the definitive sign you got it.

wear in health, happiness and prosperity.

  • blue kyanite ring in bronzeblue kyanite ring in bronze